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My Story

A love of Ferns and more...

I grew up with a love for the arts and creative endeavors from a young age. My grandmother used to take me flower picking when I would visit and while most of our spoils were fancy weeds from the side of Indiana roads, I fell in love with nature. 

Located in Astoria, Queens with my husband I'm a proud 10-year Astorian but I love to travel. Fern Botanica thrives in the Tri-State area including weddings in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Hudson Valley, and Long Island. 

The Gangs All Here...



Creative Director

Mastermind and the brains behind the magic. Ask her about her sweet, sweet dance moves.



Senior Intern

It's not a question if he's a good boy, but is he the BEST boy. 



Head of Operations

The grease and the glue. 

IMG_1184 2.jpeg


Senior Designer

An OG Queens queen, catch her making gorgeous wreaths and bouquets  all day.

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